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Welcome to our last day of filming! 

Revised 'preliminary' details for those booked to work Sat. Dec.1

This information was updated Saturday at 8:00 P.M.

We are filming in RICHMOND Saturday  

Scroll down, all the way to the bottom of the page & click on confirmation button.  

It is mandatory that you CONFIRM, so that we know you have the latest info & any call times changes.

If you can't see it on your phone or tablet, then please do this from a computer

Everyone should arrive already having had eaten.

Call Times 

This is the time we expect you to check-in


Kiana 3 P.M.  

Alivia, Tucker & Dekaye  4 P.M.

Deonte 5 P.M.


Harriet Photo Dbl -   5 P.M.

Anger Photo DBL - Mya Morris 4 P.M. 

Atwood, Butch & Morris - 3 P.M.


Lawmen - 3 P.M. 

Clem, Fetta, Freche

Henderson, Hodge, Jones

Kukich, McCord, Ratliff

Reder, Robinson, Smorto

Southhall, Stepleton, Utterback


Slave Catchers 3 P.M.

Aldridge, Atkins, Brankley

Kershner, Marr, Milks, Miller

Murphy, Nellis, O'Brien

Russel. Short,Tankersley

Murphy, G


Balt. Slave Owners 3 P.M. 

Alleman, Croslin,

Dickerson, C., Dickerson G

Freeman, Lambert, Nelson

Roby, Davis, Gulash, D'Elia,

 Richer, Shea, Stuart

Taylor, Day, Raleigh,

Kimmel, McGrath, Jackson, R.

Mullin, Rothman, Troyer

​Winters, Wilde, Murphy


SC 169  Hero Brodess Slaves  3 P.M. 

Crute, Harper

Jackson, W., Wells, R


Poster Hanger & Freed Man 2:30 P.M. 

Martin & Underwood


Everyone should bring :

  • Personal water bottle
  • Snack- energy bar
  • Sturdy flat shoe- especially Stand-Ins
  • Items to stay warm​ / rain coat
  • ​Umbrella
  • ​A pen to fill out your payroll voucher 


L@@K *NEW Parking*

Everyone Parks at CREW PARKING

4300 Carolina Ave.

Richmond 23222

L@@K for & follow directional guidance signs

They say "UNIT" & have an arrow

WARDROBE:  Please read link below

CLICK HERE for Important Costume Notes

Hair and Make Up Notes for the "Pre Civil War"

Critical notes for ladies:  

Nails-No Polish, No Gel, No Acrylics.  

Trim them short with a natural shape.

No MakeUp - No Lashes, No Eyelash Extensions


This is a "CLOSED SET" meaning​ only people booked

on the film can be onset or in holding.

Sorry, you can not take any photos

Social Media - No Posting Policy!

Do not share anything re our film on ​Social Media- 

If you have a question or concern call: 804-869-6013

**Remember to check back before bed tonight 

for possible call time changes** 

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