Welcome to a sample page of what you will see when you are booked on one of my projects.

The details below are only for the talent we booked to work with us on Monday, April 30th

Note: Bar People and wife will work later in the day and get their details emailed separately.

Please read thru your details. Read everything.

Thank you for checking back -MORE Details were at at 9:45 P.M. 

​You will get breakfast - so there will be an NDB from 6:30 to 7:30 A.M.

Please Bring 2 forms of Government Issued ID - we don't want anything to hold up your paycheck.

Mandatory for every one of you to wear 1 and bring 2 more outfits.

Ladies - Very little make up - we don't want you to be glamorous, we need you natural looking. 

Scroll down all the way to the bottom of the page to click on our confirmation button.  

This is mandatory.  

If you can't see it on your phone or tablet, then please do this from a computer .

First~ You need to be aware that this is comedy.

Without your enthusiastic response and participation, this won't play well.

You'll play a very enthusiastic audience member for a TV Show.

Note: The audience is with-in our comedy, not actual audience work. 

This show is fun/wild/crazy/dark, you are having a great time.

Be aware they will ask you to behave pretty weirdly-act like monkeys, buzz like bees, and firing bananas, as though they are actual guns.

Have fun!

Everyone has a 5:30 A.M. CALL TIME

We know, it's so early.  

But we need time to shuttle you to location and get you thru wardrobe.

There will be breakfast served.  And Lunch mid-day. Craft Service /snacks all day.

Report to CREW PARKING, located at:


​1101 *** St. Burbank, CA 91506 

Park as directed, grab all of your wardrobe and ID.

You will be shuttled, via a shuttle van to our set.
This may take a few, so wear a warm coat, for your own comfort.

WARDROBE:  Everyone must wear one outfit and bring 2 more completely separate outfits.

(Union members, too)! 

Most Importantly, DON'T WEAR GREEN!

Because we are shooting on 'GREEN SCREEN'.

Dress casually & comfortably and in your own style.

Colors and patterns welcome!  (Again, no green)

Bring fun accessories and hats! 

Think Anything funny or wild - foam cowboy hat, umbrella hat, baseball cap, Sun-hat, 

AVOID: bright white, tiny prints (that may moray), No large logos and graphics.

​I can't stress enough - that it is important you bring 3 completely separate outfits.


Ladies, Less is more.  This is not glamorous, keep you make-up light and natural looking.

Arrive Camera Ready, with clean and dry hair, in your favorite outfit for the day and carrying those two other outfits.

Preferably on hangers.


Such as your driver's license or passport, and Social Security Card.

Please bring your own pen to fill out the payroll voucher.

Do not leave without being signed out by production.

RE: ​Social Media- 

Facebook, Twitter, or whatever...

Do not take photos, nor share your day with any online media.

Be prepared to sign a non disclosure agreement.

That is it!  Be sure to check back tonight (refresh your browser) for any last minute notes or changes.

Mandatory confirmation below: