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​​​This Is a sample  page of what  it will look like when you get your details

The following details are only for those of you booked to work SUNDAY Jan 3rd

Rain or Shine - We will Shoot 

This information was updated Saturday at 9:30 AM 


Check back before bed and again first thing in the morning for any updates or changes- refresh your browser.

Scroll down, all the way to the bottom of the page & click on confirmation button.  

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If you can't see it on your phone or tablet, then please do this from a computer

Everyone should arrive already having had eaten.

Anyone 'new' MUST bring a photocopy of your Drivers Lic. to leave with us

Call Times-  This is the time we expect you to be at check-in


Rudy & Danny  6 AM

Paul 9 AM

Alvin's Friends 8:30 AM

Club Goers 11:18 A.M.

Bartender  1 PM

Everyone should bring :

  • Personal water bottle
  • Snack- energy bar
  • Sunscreen & Bug Repellant 
  • Items to stay warm

Everyone Parks at CREW PARKING

123 S Main St.., Orange  92668C

Check in at Base Camp w Pete 

Look for yellow signs that say "Brat" to guide you



Hair and Make Up Notes for the "Bar"

Critical notes for ladies:  

Nails-No Polish, No Gel, No Acrylics.  

Trim them short with a natural shape.

No MakeUp - No Lashes, No Eyelash Extensions

Sorry, you can not take any photos

Social Media - No Posting Policy!

Do not share anything re our film on ​Social Media- 

No Facebook, Twitter, or whatever...

Be prepared to sign a non disclosure agreement.​  

If you have a question or concern call: 804-869-6013

Remember to check back before bed

and in the morning for your FINAL DETAILS

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 NOTE: This page is simply a sample page of what you will see if you are booked