4Down Dog Details for Friday, Oct 10th 

These are the final details for Friday's Yoga Studio Shoot. As of 6:15 A.M. THESE ARE YOUR FINAL CALL TIMES! 

​ THANK YOU FOR CHECKING BACK!!! It is our last day of shooting this pilot, help us to make it a great day!


It is your responsibility to check back before bed tonight and before getting into your car in the morning that nothing has changed!

Everyone is in yoga clothing. It is current day. Think Westside LA, and you dress for this class in hopes this instructor may notice you. Mandatory everyone brings their yoga mat. It is also suggested to bring a small gym towel and if you have a yoga block, that would be helpful too.
No neon colors, but everything you would wear to a yoga class will work as long as there aren't  any logos. 

Non union should wear one out fit and bring two completely separate changes.

IMPORTANT !  IF you worked on Monday, you must bring those same clothes back for matching and also bring  other options.

IF you worked today Thursday, you must wear what you wore today and bring another option.

Everyone should arrive hair and make up camera ready. Wear lighter day make up and bring some hair accessories to put your hair up or pull it back.

Everyone must park in our "CREW PARKING":
LA Valley College
Parking lot B
5800 Fulton Ave., Valley Glen, CA 91401
This is on Fulton Ave. closest entrance to Oxnard street- Look for our trucks!

Christopher, Carina, Lacey & Veronica 1:00 P.M.
Addy Green 12:30 P.M.

If you are a yoga student and your last name begins with the letter " A " through " P "
Your FINAL Call Time is 11:45 A.M.

​All other Yoga Students have a new prelim call time of 12:30 P.M.

Our Two Yoga Instructors have a 12:30 P.M. Call Time.

I am sorry but the following people are not back Friday, production requested some new fresh faces...

Cecilia Behar, Olivia McCarthy, Christine Medrano, Janine McCarhy,
Raphella Dryer, Michelle Matula, Kim Ramage, Deborah Rombaut
Ern Navarette, Fynn Ohara, Mary Elizabeth Porter... Nothing personal - they cut some numbers and requested som new faces. Thanks for working with us today...

After you read these details tonight- confirm by calling (323) 390-9422 and state you have read & understand your details - state your name, phone number, union number if you are union, and in case of emergency call (714) 878-9670