The Latest News:

We are currently casting a pilot titled: "Down Dog"
We will need both Union and Non Union Background Actors and some special non speaking featured bits.  This will shoot October 2nd through 10th.

We are waiting for more details  from production, but here is a start as to what we will be casting:

Gorgeous Tan California Girl in Bikini.   Age range 18 to 28.  Incredible sexy figure, short bit, but extremely featured...  Higher base.

Hot Female Bar Patrons.  Age range 21 to  30.  Hip trendy, sexy not slutty.  

Gorgeous Female Yoga Students.  Must have a high level of skills and knowledge about yoga.  Must be able to repeat yoga class scenes.

Gorgeous topless or partially clothed Females.  Intimate scenes with our lead actor.  Willing to do implied lovemaking scenes.  Higher base and possiblity of upgrade.  Possible interviews or auditions.

Sexy Red Head, early to mid 20's.  And a "not so sexy" red head.  late 20's to mid 30's.

Hot Girls with their own roller blades, able to roller blade well.

to submit either message me on Facebook or email to


"Jane the Virgin" REMINDER
Production is shooting this series for Fall, but we are not casting the background.  Thank you to everyone that worked the Pilot with us last March and best of luck to the cast and crew.  Call Central Casting to get booked~  They have the project!

Pardon or dust ~ We are still undergoing construction.