December 9th Update

This morning Harriet receives TWO Golden Globe Nominations!

Best Actress & Best Original Song!

Well done and congratulations team Harriet!
Harriet is still in theaters nationwide. Congratulations & a SPECIAL THANK YOU to all our brilliant background actors! We couldn't have done it without you! You helped bring this film to life. Here's a link to easily get your local showtime. ENJOY!

CLICK HERE to find a theatre near you

We are actively seeking new projects for the New Year.  

Fingers crossed we'll be making an announcement soon.

Until then, enjoy the Holidays.

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That's a wrap! on our limited series for SHOWTIME! 

​Feeling blessed, to witness the change of Seasons and enjoy so many things about Richmond, & surrounding neighborhoods.  The landscape, the restaurants, the entertainment and most of all the wonderful local talent.   We've made friends and witnessed the Virginia film boom of 2019.  I sincerely hope we'll be back to cast here again, until then I will miss the friends and locations I've grown to love.  I'm anxious to get back to Southern California, but a part of me will always remain in RVA.

Anyone wishing to work with us should register online  

  • Online registration is ongoing!  We have enlisted the pro's at Castifi to create a new database for Virginia locals & the Mid Atlantic Region.  Even if you registered with us last year, you must re-register to be in our new system. Here is the link to register & update online:
  • Note: Registering with us does not guarantee employment. Registration is free.
  • We're always rebuilding & updating our Stand-In files  If you have Stand-In Experience, visit our 'Currently Seeking' page to see what we need from you to update our files.

For more details on future background roles we'll be casting, please go to the toolbar and click on "Currently Casting".  This should keep you up to date on our current projects.


For more info & details, call our general casting information line: (323) 419­-0202​​

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